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This past weekend we celebrated the opening of Jeremy Mann’s first ever photography exhibition! However, before we dive into the excitement which ensued this weekend, I want to start this post with a quote from the Mann himself, describing how his work in photography is separated from the other mediums he works in. Photography is simply another continuation of his being.

The following quote is from an editorial in American Art Collector titled Unbound, which can be found in the November 2018 Issue.

Mann AAC Editorial Combined
view the entire article here

“I would say [the photography] is just another extension of me as an art form in the same way as my paintings and motion pictures, poetry and writing are as well. Each artist is just that, a single and unique perspective, contained within one mind and soul. It’s the choice to output that perspective, which makes a person an artist. Not being limited by a medium is the most free form of that expression, and while there are many ways to express yourself, finding a multitude of fundamentally similar ways helps perfect the language of art in which I’m trying my best express myself to the world.”

The Opening:

This past Friday, November 16th we hosted the Opening Reception for Jeremy Mann: The Unbound Process, a collection of original paintings and photographs. The exhibition primarily showcases Jeremy’s toned silver gelatin prints, which were created using his homemade cameras and self-constructed dark room.

_MG_9293 72
A few of Jeremy Mann’s homemade camera’s – photo by Courtney Chauncey

Guests mingled amid Jeremy’s perfectly displayed photographs and Jeremy moved throughout the gallery conversing with fans, collectors, and friends.

_MG_9239 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey
photo by Courtney Chauncey
_MG_9130 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey
_MG_9198 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey
_MG_9218 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey

Jeremy always brings a great crowd and guests are always thrilled to talk to him about his work and their love for his art.

_MG_9270 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey
_MG_9279 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey

The Artist Talk:

The next day… Saturday, November 17th, Jeremy returned to the gallery to prepare for his momentous artist talk. Together we transformed the gallery from an open viewing space into an intimate realm occupied by candles, cocktails, cigar box cameras, and classy company.

photo by Clint Mansell, Gallery Director
photo by Clint Mansell, Gallery Director
Lavender Infused Gin & Tonic
our specialty cocktail for the evening, a Lavender Hyssop TNT, created by Griffin McDermott

We did things a bit differently this year, in order to maintain the rapport Jeremy wanted for this discussion this event required an RSVP for attendance.

_MG_9311 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey

Jeremy took his audience on a journey that examined the progression of his career as an artist, what makes him stand out from so many others, his assemblage of homemade cameras, the creation of his film The Conductor, experimentation, theories, and so much more!

_MG_9296 72 edited
photo by Courtney Chauncey & slightly edited by Taylor Chauncey, Jeremy Mann’s creation

Now I’m sure you’re wondering… what the heck did Jeremy say!? Unfortunately friends, I can’t share all the dirty details, but I can reveal a few key points. Above, I mentioned that Jeremy analyzed how his work sets him apart from many other artists. From graduate school at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco until now Jeremy Mann has created artwork that represents him, his style, rather than attempting to conform to something traditional or expected. Jeremy fully possesses the ability to adhere to the norm, but chooses to reject the usual because it doesn’t illustrate who he is as an artist, a mastermind, or a human. That’s the key to his success.

_MG_9332 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey

Another important thing you need to know about Jeremy is that he loves this sh*t, creating art is who Jeremy Mann is.

_MG_9298 72
photo by Courtney Chauncey, Jeremy Mann’s creation

The Photography:

It’s all about the reference. For awhile Mann used digital photographs as references for his cityscapes and figure paintings, but those images were too literal. Thus, he turned to film photography for reference material. Film and his homemade cameras produce images that fuel and support his aesthetic. The photographs currently featured in The Unbound Process are representations of Jeremy’s use of film photography in his painting process. However, this show highlights how they stand alone as works of art rather than simply stepping stones leading to the completion of an oil painting.

Now Showing:

The Kiss 72
The Kiss 16×12 (Edition of 2), toned silver gelatin print, 2 Editions Available
The Dreamer and the Dream 72
The Dreamer & the Dream 10.5×12 (Edition of 3), 6.25×7 (Edition of 7), toned silver gelatin print, Multiple Editions Available
Vatic 72
Vatic 15×14 (Edition of 3), 7.5×7 (Edition of 7), toned silver gelatin print, Multiple Editions Available
NYC 40
NYC 40 48×48, oil on panel
The Leaving Moon 72
The Leaving Moon 9×7.5 (Edition of 7), toned silver gelatin print, 7 Editions Available

Follow Jeremy Mann on Instagram @redrabbit7 and follow @feral.halide.7 to see more of his photographs.

AND Follow US @principlegallery to stay up to date on exhibitions, new arrivals, and other announcements!

Our Jeremy Mann Solo Exhibition, The Unbound Process will remain on view through the end of November so come check it out! If you are unable to make it into the gallery, don’t worry, you can click here to view the entire exhibition.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who attended this weekend’s festivities, it was a pleasure having you all and THANK YOU Jeremy, we’re honored to host this very special exhibition.

Group Shot B&W

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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