Now Open! Gilbert Gorski’s Solo Exhibition,”The Space of Trees.”

Gilbert Gorski's

Today’s blog will discuss our current exhibition, The Space of Trees, a Solo Exhibition for the work of PA-based artist, Gilbert Gorski. Below you will find a brief bio on Mr. Gorski, a look into the reception we hosted on Friday evening, a link to our editorial in American Art Collector, and images of a few works currently featured in the exhibition. Now lets get started!


The Space of Trees, is NOW OPEN! The Opening Reception was Friday evening and we had an outstanding crowd. Visitors were thrilled to speak with Gil, and have the opportunity to discuss his technique as well as the locations he portrays in his compositions.

middle: the featured artist, Gilbert Gorski

About the Artist:

Gilbert Gorski is based out of Sarver, Pennsylvania and many of his paintings represent the surrounding areas near his home. He also creates compositions that merge the rural environment of western Pennsylvania with other areas the artist recalls simply from memory. Thus, some of his works represent specific places and others combine different locations into one ethereal framework.

Symphonica | 16×72, oil on linen

Gil received his Bachelor’s and Master’s from the Illinois Institute of Technology. In addition, he studied painting at the School of Art Institute in Chicago. Gorski successfully maintained a duel career as an architect and artist.


As an architect, Gorski designed the World Headquarters for the McDonald’s Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois and the Oceanarium, which was a major addition to the John Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. He has also taught visualization techniques and design studios at the Illinois Institute of Technology, the School of Art Institute in Chicago, and the University of Notre Dame.



In addition to creating pointillist landscapes, Gil produces industrial etchings (shown above), which encapsulate the structure, grit, and allure of urban areas. He truly is an expert draftsman!


American Art Collector:

This exhibition is currently featured in the October 2018 Issue of American Art Collector. An editorial about the show titled, Woodland Works, can be found on pages 108-109. We still have a few copies left in the gallery!

Gorski Editorial Combined

“In his subtle paintings, Gorski employs thousands of sculpted brushstrokes that transcend the two-dimensional surface. “Paintings can be electric,” he says. “Historically, photography displaced painting, but photography has become so accessible it is now commonplace. Paintings by contrast remain special because they are singular works. They are communications with the artist.” – excerpt from Woodland Works

Click here if you would like to read the full article.

A few of the works currently featured in The Space of Trees:

Two Oaks 22 x 24
Two Oaks | 22×24, oil on linen
Skokie Botanical Gardens Lagoon 10x8
Skokie Botanical Gardens Lagoon | 10×8, oil on linen
Calmando 72
Calmando | 16×60, oil on linen
Gorski San Marco, Venice
San Marco, Venice | 7×9, etching
Gentiliana 16 x 72 LR
Gentiliana | 16×72, oil on linen
Oak Tress 12 x 18
Oak Trees | 12×18, oil on linen
Gorski Assimilation
Assimilation | 6.75×4, etching

Click here to be directed to the exhibition page on our website!

Thank you to everyone who attend the Opening Reception and a HUGE thank you to Gilbert Gorski for traveling from Pennsylvania to be in attendance. We greatly appreciate it!

Gilbert Gorski’s, The Space of Trees will remain on view until Tuesday, November 13th

Please email us,, if you would like us to send you the Digital Exhibition Catalog, which includes images, dimensions, and prices.

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