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Happy December everyone! The holiday season has officially arrived, which means the days remaining to search for the perfect gift are crucial!


If you’re still trying to find gifts that will wow your friends and family, then you’re in luck! Yesterday we opened our Annual Small Works Exhibition, this exhibition celebrates the holiday season and small works of art that make the perfect gift.


This year’s Small Works exhibition features over 100 works of art by 27 different artists! Small Works is a collection of still lifes, figurative works, landscapes, and cityscapes, but each one is represented differently by each artist, no two works are the same. This way you’re guaranteed to find something for you or someone you know.


The Opening:

Yesterday’s opening was a great success and despite the unfortunate weather we had great attendance! We’re extremely grateful for everyone who ventured through the rain to see this year’s show and support the gallery, it means so much!

left, featured artist Teresa Oaxaca | right, featured artist Ben Barker

Guests and artists were able to escape the ugly weather and warm by the fire while sipping on hot apple cider or hot cocoa.

Bethanne Cople’s Painting Demonstration:

During the reception Alexandria-based artist, Bethanne Cople painted live in the gallery!


Bethanne painted a gorgeous, snow covered hillside and visitors were able to watch as it came to life!


Thank you Bethanne for a wonderful demonstration and creating such a beautiful painting!


Below are a few more photographs from the reception!

on the left, featured artist Teresa Oaxaca
former Senator John Warner
on the right, featured artist Gavin Glakas
left, featured artist Jill Basham

Currently Featured in Small Works:

ALBERTO Three Ladies 72
Three Ladies, 6.5×13, oil on panel by Jorge Alberto
BOHANNON Coronation_72
Coronation, 13.5×17, oil on panel by Candice Bohannon Reyes
CONARY Repose 72
Repose, 9×12, oil on panel by Scott Conary
Coonrod Stonefruit and Blueberries 72
Stone Fruit & Blueberries, 12×16, oil on aluminum by Trish Coonrod
D'OSPINA Studio di Poltrona 72
Studio di Poltrona, 12×12, oil on canvas by Valerio D’Ospina
EARLY Searching for Pockets of Humanity #2 72
Searching for Pockets of Humanity #2, 12×12, oil on linen by Stephen Early
JOHNSON 9 Horses 72
9 Horses, 14×23, oil on board by Geoffrey Johnson
LIBERACE Laughing Philosopher (Mennipus)
Laughing Philosopher (Mennipus), 10×8, oil on panel by Robert Liberace
COPLE In Silence They Speak Happiness 72
In Silence They Speak Happiness, 6×8, oil on panel by Bethanne Cople

All the paintings featured above are available for purchase. If you see anything on the exhibition page please contact and we can provide the information you need!

Front of Gallery bright sign small

Happy Holidays from all of us at Principle Gallery!

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