Studio Selfie Saturday: Paula Rubino

PaulaRubinoSelfie Square

We thought it especially appropriate that today’s Studio Selfie features an artist who is currently in town visiting– artist Paula Rubino traveled from Florida to join us for the Pay It Forward opening reception last night! Paula’s selfie shows her in what will soon be her brand new artist studio!
We were so pleased that Paula was able to join us for this special exhibition. An accomplished artist who is well known for gorgeous landscapes and figurative works in her signature style, Paula studied art in Florence, Italy as well as in Norway with Odd Nerdrum. She and her family currently live in Florida, though they often spend time in Finland, where Paula maintains a studio in Laitila. To check out Paula’s work from the Pay It Forward exhibition as well as all the others from the show, click here! And to see all of the gorgeous work by Paula Rubino currently available from Principle Gallery, click here.

We asked Paula to answer our usual “10 Questions for the Artist,” but being a one-of-a-kind lady, she said, “I think I can only answer questions 1-3 because my answers to the others shift from minute to minute.” So without further ado, here’s Paula’s 3 Questions for the Artist:

1.   Fill in the blank: Paint is forgiving and generous.

 2.  Cats/Dogs? Neither —  honey bees and screech owls

 3.  Your first car: 1972 Chevy Impala inherited from my grandfather


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