Studio Selfie Saturday (Early Edition!): GC Myers

What? A Studio Selfie Saturday post…on a Friday?

Yes indeed, and for good reason! We’re posting about GC Myers today partially as a reminder about our exciting event tomorrow! Amidst the excitement of the Alexandria Arts Festival which will flood King Street this weekend, Principle Gallery will be holding an artist talk with GC Myers tomorrow afternoon. Join us at the gallery for the talk beginning at 1 PM! We’ll have light refreshments, a chance to chat with the artist and view some of his newest works, and a drawing (free to enter!) for many wonderful prizes including some giclees, books, and an original Myers painting! With all that excitement tomorrow, we’re posting the weekly Studio Selfie and artist Q&A a day early. So, without further ado, here it is:

GCMyersSelfie Square

Along with this awesome selfie of GC Myers in his studio (in the picture, he’s working on a piece that will be arriving with him tomorrow!), we also got a very cool panorama of the whole studio:

GC Myers studio 6-30-2014 sm

We love getting this peek behind the scenes at the studio where Myers creates his unique and beautiful landscapes. Well known for his imaginative, often emotional and symbolic landscapes and for his ubiquitous red tree, GC Myers has had a devoted following at Principle Gallery for 15 years now. We were thrilled to have him in town for our 20th Anniversary show as well as for his 15 annual solo show in June this year, and we’re so excited to have him back this weekend. You need only to see his lovely work to know that the artist is a person with a great depth of imagination and heart. Check out all his available works on our website here, and be sure to check back in the next few days to see the brand new works as well –or better yet, visit us tomorrow for the artist talk to see them in person!

Myers also has a fantastic blog called Redtree Times- check it out!

10 Questions for the Artist: GC Myers

1. Fill in the blank: Paint is a voice.
2. Cats/Dogs? Like both a lot.  Have come to appreciate the charms of cats but consider myself primarily a dog person.  The sight of most dogs excites me.
3. Your first car: 1964 Chevy Impala
4. Favorite painting music: Too many different artists and genres to name but I always like Neko Case, Chet Baker and, of course, the Beatles.  “Tabula Rasa” by Arvo Part.
5. Your “spirit animal”: Dog –see #2
6. If you could time travel and witness an artist create their masterpiece, which work would you choose? Hard question.  Probably Holbein painting Henry the 8th, just to see him achieve those brilliant colors with Henry present.
7. All-time favorite movie: Like #4, too many to name.  Literally 100’s of favorites.  Just about any Cary Grant, Coen Brothers or Wes Anderson movie + “Casablanca”, “The Grapes of Wrath”, “Sullivan’s Travel” and “The Godfather”– just off the top of my head.          
8. Place you’d love to travel to: To a small French village, in roadside cafe with Cheri (his wife) as the Tour de France whooshes by.
9. Morning person or night owl? Ultra morning person
10. If I weren’t an artist, I think I’d be: Lost.

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