5 Things You Should Know about Pay It Forward

If you follow our social media pages, you’ve likely seen posts about the Pay It Forward show, opening TOMORROW, September 5th. This incredible show is unique in several ways, but most special is the fact that a percentage of sales will be donated to one of five deserving charities. We wanted to take an opportunity to share some information about the show, because even if you’ve just got a few minutes, YOU can help us to Pay It Forward.

5 Things You Should Know about the Show:

1. Pay It Forward is a show organized by the founders of the Women Painting Women movement. These amazing female artists have been working for years to highlight and celebrate women artists who work in the figurative tradition. Learn more about them here, on their blog.

2. As part of the “Pay It Forward” concept, each of these artists from Women Painting Women has invited another artist whose work they admire to also be included in the show. In total, 27 incredible female artists from throughout the United States as well as some from abroad have contributed their artwork to the exhibition.

3. The Pay It Forward concept of this exhibition is furthered by the fact that a percentage of all sales will be donated to five deserving charities.

4. The charities benefitted by Pay It Forward were carefully chosen, and all 5 are very worthy causes. Click on the name of any charity in the list to find out more on their website.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts: Founded in 1987, this museum in Washington DC is “the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to recognizing women’s creative contributions” through exhibitions, research, and public education.
The Carpenter’s Shelter: This Alexandria homeless shelter is the largest in Northern Virginia. They serve over 1,000 homeless and formerly homeless children and adults each year to achieve independence through shelter, guidance, education, and advocacy.
The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria: This organization has been a resource for our community and a shelter for homeless animals since 1946. Through adoptions, spay and neuter assistance, education and community service and outreach, the League plays a key role in promoting responsible pet care across Northern Virginia.
The Campagna Center: The mission of this Alexandria organization is to deliver educational and social development programs for children, teens, and adults. They offer early childhood education, health and nutrition awareness, before- and after-school programs, tutoring and mentoring, career and college readiness planning, and classes for English language learners.
Alexandria Seaport Foundation: Founded in 1933, this Alexandria organization’s primary focus has been to use traditional boat building to help at-risk and disadvantaged youth improve their lives as they acquire the job and social skills necessary to secure well-paying jobs and careers.

5. YOU can help us to Pay It Forward by spreading the word about the show with Thunderclap. All it takes is a few clicks, and you can help us to increase awareness for this special exhibition. Join our Thunderclap here!


The show opens tomorrow, with the opening reception beginning at 6:30 PM. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and view this amazing and unique exhibition in person! For the online preview, you can check out our website here.

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