Tourist Season Spotlight: Aaron Westerberg and Sherry Loehr

In continuing the preparations for May’s show “Tourist Season,” today we’re taking a moment to introduce Aaron Westerberg and Sherry Loehr.

Aaron Westerberg

Aaron lives in California, and has his whole life. As a young man growing up in San Diego, he fell in love with art after taking a traditional life drawing class. He continued his education at the California Art Institute and through studies with renowned painter Jeff Watts. As he furthered his studies, Aaron developed a strong affinity for nineteenth century American and European masters like Edmund Tarbel and John Singer Sargent. The way these artists have dealt with form and light has influenced Aaron in his own work, as he strives to create paintings which strike a balance between timeless, elegant, and contemporary. A member of many professional organizations such as the Portrait Society of America, the California Art Club, and Oil Painter of America, Aaron has also had his work featured in such periodicals as American Art Collector, the Artist Magazine, and more, and has had his work grace the cover of “Strokes of Genius.” Below is a work from “Tourist Season” entitled “Layna in Crimson.”

“Layna in Crimson,” 24×17, oil on panel

Sherry Loehr

After completed a degree in English and Art from the University of Colorado and a Master’s in Art Education from Columbia University, Sherry Loehr went in to spend 12 years designing and producing a line of whimsical ceramic tableware before shifting focus to painting. Known for her still life compositions and delicate painting techniques, Sherry has won numerous prestigious awards and has been included in many notable collections, including those of Carnegie Art Museum, Ritz Carlton, the City of Ojai, Museum of Ventura County, and more. She currently lives and works in Ojai, California. Below is one of three of Sherry’s works included in “Tourist Season” titled, “Still Life with Lemons.”

"Still Life with Lemons," 24x30, acrylic on board
“Still Life with Lemons,” 24×30, acrylic on board

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