Tourist Season Spotlight: Louise Fenne and Zack Zdrale

Louise Fenne

The daughter of a Danish father and an English mother, Louise grew up and went to school in both Denmark and England. She later studied art in France, Sweden, Italy, and Amsterdam, where she met the artist Charles Weed, whom she later married. The two relocated to Lucca, Italy, and now split their time between Italy and Denmark. Known for her imaginative and thoughtfully created portraits and still life compositions, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Europe and the United States.

"Girl and Her Parrot," 23.5 x 25.5, oil on canvas
“Girl and Her Parrot,” 23.5 x 25.5, oil on canvas

Zack Zdrale

Originally from Wisconsin, where he earned his bachelor’s art degree in 1999, Zack now lives and works in San Francisco. After having completed a Master’s in figurative painting from the University of San Francisco, Zack currently teaches in their undergraduate and graduate Fine Art department. He works primarily with figures, often in works which explore aspects of the human condition and the concept of self. Though his subject matter is placed in the present, his style is distinctively classical, with detailed attention to anatomy, strong use of chiaroscuro, and a sense of drama.

Reflect 72
“Reflect,” 24×30, oil on panel

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2 thoughts on “Tourist Season Spotlight: Louise Fenne and Zack Zdrale

  1. I wish I could attend this show, it looks like it will be a good one! What is the price of “A Girl and her Parrot?” Thank you, Karen McCleery

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