Tourist Season Spotlight: Brett Amory and Amy Lind

You may have read in our last post about the theme for the May exhibition at Principle Gallery. Titled “Tourist Season,” the show will be featuring an incredible group of artists whose work has never been shown on our walls! In continuing our series of blog posts about the artists included in the upcoming show, today we’re highlighting artists Brett Amory and Amy Lind.

Brett Amory

Brett was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia before relocating to California, where he currently lives and works in Oakland. In 2001, Brett began the “Waiting” series, for which he is now best known. The series depicts commuter subjects standing in wait, isolating the figure so as to create a piece which contemplates the detached sense of waiting that so many people feel in their everyday life. Favoring those who look lonely, awkward, or unusual, Brett takes photographs and paints studies which have a compelling emotional appeal. They reminds us of how often we, too, are distracted and introspective, mentally separated from the present moment. Though his work has begun to expand to explore more within the subject of the busy city, Brett also continues the “Waiting” series, and two works from this series will be featured in May’s show. Below is a work titled “Waiting #212”:

"Waiting 212," 36x36, oil on wood
“Waiting 212,” 36×36, oil on wood

Amy Lind

Originally from Chicago, Amy Lind now lives and works in Savannah, GA and has made quite the name for herself as a painter, particularly of portraits. Amy is known for her amazing ability to capture the “essence” of a subject in her painting. Though still quite young, Amy has already accumulated a great number of awards and accolades, including receiving the title of Southwest Art magazine’s “Artist to Watch: the Editor’s Choice for Up-and-Coming Talent,” honorable mentions from the Art Renewal Center’s International Salon, and having her paintings published in the New York Times best-selling children’s book “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me.” Skillfully created and infused with luminosity and a sense of tranquility, Amy’s work is beautiful, fresh, and exciting. Below is one of the two works from Amy featured in May’s show, entitled “Worthy of Love.”

"Worth of Love," 14x13, oil on linen
“Worth of Love,” 14×13, oil on linen

Check back on the blog in the weeks ahead, and follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to see more sneak peeks of the work featured in “Tourist Season”!

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