Arnot Art Museum’s 8th Annual Invitational: Re-Presenting Representation

Principle Gallery is thrilled to announce our participation with the Arnot Art Museum in Elmira, New York as they hold their annual Realism Invitational, “Re-Presenting Representation.”

A well-established fine art institution, the Arnot Art Museum celebrated their 100th anniversary last year. In addition to their other periodic exhibitions, the museum has begun to hold an annual invitational to showcase the current trends in contemporary realism, dubbed “Re-Presenting Representation.” This year, Principle Gallery is sending 15 works from our talented artists to be a part of the eighth installment of this invitational. It is an exciting honor for us and for these artists to be featured in such a large and prestigious museum show. 

Please enjoy this sampling of the works Principle Gallery is sending to be included in the show. To view more pieces by any of these artists, simply click on the artist’s name, or any of the images, to see their work on our website.

Alejandro Rosemberg

“Juliana II,” 31.5×47, oil on canvas
“My Father I,” 16×10, oil on panel

Colin Fraser

“Wings,” 23×28, egg tempera on panel

Greg Gandy

“Praça de Comercio,” 18×24, oil on board

Jeremy Mann

“The Melancholy Passerine,” 51×45, oil on panel

Joshua Suda

“The Preacher Man’s Son,” 24×37, oil on panel
“Embrace,” 16×16, oil on panel

Katherine Stone

“Craft or Sullen Art,” 14×9, oil on panel

Linda Lee Nelson

“Inside Out,” 33×34, oil on linen

Robert Liberace

“Huntress,” 28×22, oil on cotton
“Zephyr,” 20×20, oil on panel

Teresa Oaxaca

“Blue,” 22×48, oil on canvas


Congratulations to all of our artists being featured in the Arnot Museum show! The show will be open to the public from February 14th until May 31st. 

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