Hyeseung Marriage-Song

One of the most charming and unique pieces in December’s Small Works show was a lovely interior, Studio Interior (shown below), by Korean-American artist Hyeseung Marriage-Song. Today we just wanted to take a moment to highlight two other pieces by Hyeseung that we currently have at the gallery.


Studio Interior, oil on canvas, 10×16

Born in Korea and raised in Texas, Hyeseung Marriage-Song now splits her time between New York City, where she studied art, and Baltimore, where she lives with her husband. Having previously studied philosophy, creative writing, and law at Princeton and Harvard, Hyeseung possesses a diverse background which no doubt only adds depth to the thoughtful quality of each of her paintings. Reflective of her transition from living full-time in New York to adding a studio in Baltimore, I Heart New York is a study of transitions and the state of being in-between.


I Heart New York, oil on canvas, 44×40

The views out the two windows represent Hyeseung’s transition between New York and Baltimore, as the scene outside the window to the left shows the view from her Baltimore studio, and the window on the right shows the view from her studio in New York. The couple shown is meant to represent herself and her husband, though while her husband modeled for the male figure, the woman shown is a model Hyeseung works with in Baltimore. Shown between these two “worlds,” the woman is posed with a thoughtful expression on her face. In an interview, Hyeseung explained that, “The painting is a lot about how we never know what’s going on in someone else’s head, even when that someone else is right in front of us: the ultimate privacy of the mind.” Fairly large in size, and somewhat quiet in color and mood, this work is an excellent representation of the careful thought with which Hyeseung creates her works.


Redhead in Feathered Hat, oil on canvas 28×18

Depicting a model that Hyeseung referred to as her “muse” in New York, this piece is incredibly striking, particularly in person. The shimmering copper colors in the model’s hair are set off by the warm greens of the background, and the young woman’s face is beautifully captured in a calm and thoughtful gaze. Hyeseung has emphasized that she is “captivated by the challenges and rewards of capturing people.” With a goal of capturing the essence of an individual and a moment, Hyeseung aims to bring her own touch to the act of painting a portrait, so that speaks in ways that a photograph cannot.

We look forward to seeing what is next from this dynamic young painter, and we are so pleased to currently have these works hanging in the gallery! For more information on Hyeseung Marriage-Song, you can visit her website: http://hmarriage-song.com/home.

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