New Works from Alejandro Rosemberg

Today we received a wonderful delivery at the gallery– two new works by Argentinean artist Alejandro Rosemberg! You may remember from our recent post that four paintings by Alejandro are being included at the exhibition at the Artnot Art Museum.

These two works are further proof of Alejandro Rosemberg’s masterful ability to portray the human form with both hyperrealism and a gorgeous soft, quiet quality that makes the viewer just stop to stare for a moment.

Camille II  19.5 x 14, oil on canvas
Camille II 19.5 x 14, oil on canvas
Camille III  19.5x14, oil on canvas
Camille III 19.5×14, oil on canvas

A resident of Argentina, Alejandro is currently visiting Brazil while he teaches some workshops. While he does teach classes in painting and drawing in his own atelier in Buenos Aires, Alejandro has returned to Brazil this year to teach a workshop in a friend’s home there. This will be the fifth of the workshops he has held in Brazil, and they have already become quite well known. Alejandro sent us some photos of these workshops, and we thought they were too interesting not to share!


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