Art in Place


There is no greater pleasure than seeing artwork from the gallery come to life in a collector’s home. A great painting activates the four walls of a space and can complete a room. The right painting can instantly infuse a room with color and energy, add warmth, create harmony, or lend drama. Here is a glimpse of some beautiful art in place showcasing some of our very talented artists.



Wilfred Moizan and Ray Donley


Kevin Fitzgerald, Jeremy Mann, and Ray Donley

photo 1a

Bethanne Cople and Colin Fraser


Colin Fraser



Geoffrey Johnson



Paula Rubino

photo 1

Mia Bergeron

Sometimes it is hard to envision a painting you absolutely adore in your space. Collecting art is a highly personal venture and we want you to be in love with your piece, which is why we allow our collectors to experience paintings at home before making a purchase. Our approval program ensures that you will enjoy a work of art for years to come!

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