It’s springtime! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming…and the Portrait Society of America is announcing its yearly award winners! We are just weeks away from the PSOA annual conference, and thrilled to share that several Principle Gallery artists have been selected as finalists or received certificates of excellence their annual International Portrait Competition! … More Congratulations!

Technique Tuesdays: Positive & Negative Space

What is it? The concept of positive and negative space is a fairly simple one. The subject of a work of art occupies the positive space, while everything else is considered negative space. Nearly every piece of representational art contains positive and negative space. The way that artists make use of positive and negative space … More Technique Tuesdays: Positive & Negative Space

Technique Tuesdays: the Art of the Self-Portrait

What is it? This week’s Technique Tuesday subject is not a new concept for anyone (particularly in today’s “selfie” filled world!). But not only is the self-portrait is an important exercise for an artist to undertake, it is also significant to view as well, and provides fascinating insight into an artist’s mind or mood. These artists, who spend … More Technique Tuesdays: the Art of the Self-Portrait

Face Off 2014

We were thrilled that so many were able to join us (both in person and online via the three live streams) for the Face Off live painting event on Friday, August 8. With three talented painters faced with the nerve-wracking task of painting a portrait from a live model in under three hours (and in … More Face Off 2014

Studio Selfie Saturday PLUS! “10 Questions for the Artist” : Jorge Alberto (and Mia Bergeron pt. 2)

Happy Saturday! Today’s #StudioSelfieSaturday features the incredible still life artist Jorge Alberto. (Click here to see his work on our site!) Known for his incredibly realistic and three-dimensional compositions, this “trompe l’oeil” (meaning “trick of the eye”) artist excels at making viewers do a double-take. Jorge’s selfie shows him in the studio in front of … More Studio Selfie Saturday PLUS! “10 Questions for the Artist” : Jorge Alberto (and Mia Bergeron pt. 2)

Art in Place

There is no greater pleasure than seeing artwork from the gallery come to life in a collector’s home. A great painting activates the four walls of a space and can complete a room. The right painting can instantly infuse a room with color and energy, add warmth, create harmony, or lend drama. Here is a … More Art in Place