Lynn Boggess: Exhibiting the Resilience of the Natural World

Lynn Boggess’ work is a peaceful blend of painting and sculpture. He uses thick layers of oil paint to develop an active landscape, those layers develop into pockets of abstraction, and the 3D effect of the paint build up transcends into the sculptural territory. Because of these qualities, it’s almost impossible to just pass by a Lynn Boggess painting; you really need to stop and look to unveil all the elements.

Lynn’s style wasn’t perfected overnight, it began in the year 2000 with him picking up a cement trowel on a whim which then led to an entire summer of artistic exercises. He set a goal for himself to paint 100 paintings to experiment with this new technique. That experimentation led to the masterful technique he presents us with today.

25 October 2022 54 x 46, oil on canvas

“Paint resists a brush. Using a blade, the paint responds immediately. Once an artist accesses the power of paint, the possibilities explode. It takes practice to stay on your game though.”

Lynn Boggess

Each swipe of the trowel is done with purpose, each mark represents what Lynn sees as he’s painting outside. Whether it’s a rock, a segment of land, branches, water, or sides of cliffs, it’s meticulously placed. In addition to the placement of the elements, the manner in which Lynn makes the marks varies depending on which segment he’s painting. If there are vibrant buds at the end of a tree’s branches, he will mix a gorgeous pigment and apply the paint thick to convey a luscious flower. If there are rocks at the water’s edge, he will apply a thin amount of paint and swipe the trowel in a thin, layered, and jagged technique to suggest the true nature of a rock formation. It’s all about his control and understanding of nature’s beauty as well as its unpredictability.

30 March 2023 40 x 46, oil on canvas

“Painting outdoors is being present in your own time, being in a specific place and really noticing. You go out in nature and begin thinking on a deeper level. “

Lynn Boggess

For his annual solo exhibition, Lynn unveiled his Lapse Series, which portrays a single location at three different times of the year. The series exemplifies Lynn’s understanding, respect, and enthusiasm for nature. In these series, the viewer follows as one area blossoms with luscious foliage and then is completely obliterated by snow months later exhibiting the resilience of the natural world.

“They reveal an intimate communion with a particular time and place. In Appalachia we have four distinct seasons. There is beauty in each season that is defined by their contrasts. If you’re outside enough to see and enjoy it, you really notice how they evolve.”

Lynn Boggess
Click the image to be directed to the virtual walk through of Lynn Boggess’ Solo Exhibition.

Lynn Boggess’ Solo Exhibition will be on view until Monday, May 15th. Any unsold works will remain in the gallery until they sell. Click here to be directed to all inventory.

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