Calling ALL Art Lovers

That means you! We at Principle Gallery want to do more to encourage your interest in art and artists with the Art Appreciators Facebook group. We created it with the goal of having open conversations on creative topics, decoding specialist vocabulary, and increasing familiarity with the contemporary art scene to enhance your experiences with art. Our safe online space will explore fine art and its nuances in the company of like minds. Plus, in-person meets will be hosted in our beautiful Principle Gallery in Old Town, Alexandria.

Through 29 years of business, we have always been a welcoming art gallery that encourages you to take your time and find the art and artists you truly love. The gallery supports our artists’ growing careers while simultaneously understanding the needs of our treasured guests. We build relationships and that’s what keeps people coming back.

Art is personal to creators and to viewers, it has the power to incite feeling. We are simply providing the tools to identify and discuss these feelings and their stimulants with fluency. Outside of the academic setting, the opportunity to learn deeply about art is scarce. We are excited to fill that gap!

The Art Appreciators Facebook group is for people who want to learn more about color theory, paint application styles, artistic movements, and how to discuss them all. It is for interested readers like you, budding creatives, or anyone who wants to collect art. We will also open our doors for guided gallery walks, artist demos, fireplace chats, and so much more. With the recent expansion of the second level, we are excited to use the space for workshops, rentals, events, and other pursuits.

Through Art Appreciators we will be able to live stream, share links, and connect with you as real people. See you there!

Use the QR Code below to join and share!

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