Carlos Morago: Hidden Places

Carlos Morago’s solo exhibition is now open! The exhibit features over thirty brilliant and evocative works. As I observe the collection of work I find myself wondering how I can be so exhilarated by decrepit walls and half open doorways. It’s a simple fact, that Carlos has mastered this concept of finding beauty in hidden places. On one hand he’s encouraging the viewer to find the beauty in simplicity. On the other, he’s tempting the viewer to want to know more about what’s going on beyond the composition.

Personally, the way I look at Morago’s work is the same way I view the work of Edward Hopper. Both artists leave you wanting more. Hopper defined 20th-century realism with his solemn, solitary compositions. When I look at his work I’m almost unsettled, there’s a sense of confounded serenity. This sense is present in both Morago and Hopper’s work because you’re often getting the absence of society.

“Great art is the outward expression of an inner life in the artist, and this inner life will result in his personal vision of the world.”

Edward Hopper
Pérgola 12×16, oil on wood

“I am looking for a creative lighting of an atmosphere that surrounds what us represented in a personal way. I base my work more on nuances than on contrasts, with which I express my own interiority, committed to the light that is the present.”

Carlos Morago
Vista de Madrid 23.5×39, oil on wood
On Display Now!

The opening reception for the exhibit is tonight from 6-8:30pm. Carlos is not able to attend the reception, but we hope to welcome him another time. We highly recommend seeing this show in person to experience the mastery first-hand. However, if you’re unable to visit us, click here to access the show online. If you’re on a mobile device, view here.

Cortina Roja 20×27.5, oil on wood
Lirios 27.5×39, oil on wood
Otoño 23.5×39, oil on wood
Calle en Granada 12×27.5, oil on wood
Macetas en Otoño 27.5×39, oil on wood
Please email any questions or inquiries to or visit our website here.

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