Joseph Zbukvic: Behind the Paintings

Joseph Zbukvic’s solo exhibition is on display now! The show will be up through approximately November 8th. The works that have sold will be deinstalled starting early next week. Therefore, if you’d like to see the full show we recommend visiting the gallery this weekend.

If you’re unable to visit us in person experience the exhibit through the virtual walk through below!

Click the image to view the walk through

Since Joseph was unable to be here for the show, he kindly prepared statements about each watercolor he included in the exhibit. They’re so insightful for us, viewers, and collectors. It was so thoughtful of Joseph to shed light on his perspective while creating this body of work. In the gallery we have a booklet containing the artists exhibition statement, biography, and quotes. For the sold paintings, we have them to add to the back which adds a special touch to the purchase.

4th of July, Idaho Springs 14.5×10.5, watercolor on paper

A while back I I visited Denver and ventured out with a group of artists few miles out to a small town of Idaho Springs. I think it was originally a mining town and it actually reminded me of very similar small towns in Australia, with its verandas and architecture. I love small towns, they have a special laid back feel and local characters are great to paint and are always so welcoming. Of course the main subject of this painting are those wonderful American flags fluttering above the street. I am always amazed at the number of flags on display in the States. They seem to be just about everywhere, it is so nice to see. I see everything in visual language terms and these flags change what would otherwise be an average street scene, into a story about history and national pride. It was a hot day and the lack of oxygen high in the Rockies took its toll, but I think it was worth it in the end, I hope you do as well. – Joseph Zbukvic

Sunny Corner, Paris 14.5×10.5, watercolor on paper, SOLD

Paris is my favourite city. Not just for the painting subjects, but also for its culture, great food and amazing architecture. It is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its classic buildings and wonderful boulevards. Everything French people build or make has class and style, and somehow always looks just so right. You would think those red awnings and umbrellas would clash with the uniform grey buildings, but they simply add colour and style, and indeed looks just so Parisienne. You couldn’t imagine that corner without it. When I was done, I simply walked across and had lunch at that restaurant, which was simply delicious, as usual. The owner also provided a free glass of red after he saw the painting. French are incredibly supportive of art, so a lovely morning was had. Well, someone has to do it … – Joseph Zbukvic

The Grand Canal, Venice 14.5×10.5, watercolor on paper, SOLD

Whenever I paint in Venice it’s unavoidable to feel the burden of history of it having been painted by endless great artists throughout the centuries, this view in particular. The other problem with this subject is it’s actual beauty and familiarity. Most people have seen it on their travels, or at least in photographs or movies. This puts extra pressure on the way to interpret it because it runs the danger of disappointing people‘s own memories and feelings. I have always tended to see it through Whistler’s eyes as a romantic place with intricate lacework or exquisite details. An artist should capture the mood and atmosphere of the subject, and not the subject itself. I am pleased with this twilight memory of what is surely the most romantic city in the world. – Joseph Zbukvic

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris (study) 10.5×14.5, watercolor on paper, SOLD

First time I saw these gardens I was astounded by the their spaciousness, but even more so with the care taken to provide individual seating, rather than just park benches to share which we are so used to. This allows individuals to experience it alone or form small groups. The empty chairs also have that inviting feel and somehow seem to hold the presence of previous visitors. Of course I just used one to sit and paint. Each time I’m in Paris I head there because it is not only fabulous to paint in the gardens, but it is also surrounded by endless streets full of paintable subjects. Mind you, so is all of the city really. It’s a Painters paradise. As it happens there is also a wonderful art store just nearby which dates back to 1800s. I have left sizeable proceeds of my sales in it, buying the most wonderful sketchbooks and brushes I don’t need. An artist can never, ever have enough brushes, ever! – Joseph Zbukvic

At the Races III 12×16, watercolor on paper

I thought I’d include this study in the exhibition for just a little bit of fun. I am an avid horse racing follower, and apart from placing some bets and having a great time, I also usually sketch while I’m there. The racecourse officials know me well by now and let me into reserved areas . My works also hang in many race clubs collections. This time I was really taken by this trainer’s hat, it reminded me many good times in USA, particularly Texas which is remarkably similar to Australia, with its laid back feel. My love of horses goes back to my childhood when I lived on a small farm with my grandmother. They had a team of working horses used for ploughing and usual farm chores. My job was to bring them water in buckets which I remember weighted a ton! The horses knew me well, and I was the only one allowed to ride them. – Joseph Zbukvic

Click here to view the entire exhibit online! If you’re on a mobile device, view here.

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