Geoffrey Johnson Solo Exhibition 2021

Happy Saturday and welcome back to Principle Art Talk! Today we’re celebrating the opening of Geoffrey Johnson’s solo exhibition! We have twenty brand new paintings ranging from 14×11 to 50×62 and the gallery will be open until 8:30pm this evening. As always, if you’re unable to visit us in person you can access our digital exhibition catalogue here. If you’re on a mobile device, view here.

The exhibition will be on display until Monday, June 1st.

Midtown NY 30 x 40, oil on board
About Geoffrey Johnson

Geoffrey Johnson was born in Greensboro, NC in 1965 and graduated the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1993.

For more than two decades, Johnson has mesmerized viewers with his quietly introspective paintings that capture the mood and character of the contemporary urban landscape as well as timeless interiors. Using an impressionistic style, Johnson’s work lies in that seductive space between realism and abstraction. Much like Hopper before him, Johnson’s paintings evoke the isolation and loneliness of the big city. Or the moodiness of a private space.

Johnson’s style has resulted in powerful imagery which offers little details to figure and form. Drawn to New York City for the many recognizable architectural landmarks it offers, Johnson “(wants) to show people juxtaposed with the architecture, and create different moods and feelings for each piece.”

West Side Corner 40 x 30, oil on board

Johnson has also “always been attracted to interiors, work spaces ….. personal spaces,” where he can experiment with brighter colors and the detail and beauty of historic homes. Inspired by a box of sepia toned photographs found in an attic, the artist has created many sepia toned interior scenes, as well ones “where I used quite a bit of color…….it is a nice breakaway, temporarily to get away from the monochromatic palette.”

For Johnson, “each painting is 1000 different decisions, thoughts and feelings.” The result becomes timeless scenes “dancing on the water of abstraction or of just being.”

Apartment Interior 16 x 12, oil on board
Washington II 12 x 24, oil on board
Gilded Mirror 18 x 17, oil on board

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We have one more exhibition coming up next month before we take a quick break. Friday, June 4th we welcome back GC Myers for his 22nd solo show with us! After that exhibitions return in September, our show schedule is below.

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