How We’re Bringing our Art to You!

Today lets talk about the value of experiencing a piece of artwork in person and how we are bringing our art to you! Art is shared through social media and dozens of online platforms daily so many people are used to seeing a work of art on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, through a website, etc. Although this is very effective for marketing and outreach, it does remove the awe moment that comes from being face to frame with art.

Home of collector, Michael Felty, featured in American Art Collector (AAC)

During the pandemic social media and websites seemed to be the only way to interact with people so businesses (including us) had to pivot and normalize online purchasing. Obviously this concept existed prior to the pandemic, but the art industry thrives from interacting with people directly.

Over the years, our online sales picked up so we were accustomed to working with clients via email and social media platforms. However, as clients moved their purchasing almost entirely online last year; we added a few new resources to our business. We started using an online instant messaging system called Podium and creating digital catalogue’s through the system Issuu. For our catalogue’s we create cozy in situ setups for each painting to provide an idea of scale and represent the work as a whole. Seeing art in a space is vital, but when you can’t visit a gallery it can be difficult to visualize so we work to make it a little easier.

Click the image to be directed to our current exhibition catalogue: Lynn Boggess

Podium is a texting platform embedded on our website that allows visitors to instantly chat with a gallery staff member. Through this platform we have the ability to send numerous photographs/videos of paintings directly to a clients cell phone. In addition, they can arrange a final purchase, shipping information, or to take a work on approval.

Click the image to be directed to our website.

Principle Gallery offers an approval policy, which states: we believe that artwork is very personal to its owner, thus we allow our collectors to experience paintings at home before making a final purchase. This is a policy that we always offer and ultimately encourage because we strongly believe in the value of seeing a piece of art in your space.

Home of a local collector featured in AAC

Art always changes based on location, it’s all dependent on lighting! In the gallery there’s a combination of professional and natural lighting so once the painting enters your home it can change in a good or bad way. Therefore, when a painting is taken on approval you can determine if the artwork is the right fit without fully committing.

(Click here to read our previous blog post about how to light your artwork!)

Office of local collector & friend Greg Burgess featured in AAC

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking if you don’t live in DC, Maryland or Virginia then taking a painting on approval isn’t an option. I’m here to tell you, it certainly is! We will ship artwork on approval across the US and we offer a variety of art services managed by our team down in Charleston, SC!

Last year, we purchased a Nissan cargo van that we keep in Charleston and our Assistant Director, Thomas Provost, schedules monthly trips up here to Alexandria. During those trips Thomas will map out stops for clients who need art installed, delivered, stored, and interested in seeing something on approval. We send out monthly alerts about the van schedule, click here to join our mailing list and stay up to date.

Our van services include: white glove delivery, installation/design services, packing & shipping, and museum storage.

The van has changed the way we transport art between both galleries and how we interact with our clients. It is much nicer to be able to hand a piece of art directly to its owner and help a collector install. We strongly believe in making the sale of art as personal as possible.

We know how important it is for art to be seen in person because many details can go unnoticed in a photograph. This is why we work to go beyond just presenting the works on our website. Whether you’re utilizing one of our new resources discussed above or simply sending us an email to request close-up, high-resolution, and framed photos we are here for you!

Click here to visit our website and email any questions or inquiries to

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