Local Art, Local Eats

It is often over looked how this prominent region hosts the best of the best, so we want to make sure no one forgets it!  To celebrate the incredible talents and unique offerings of the Northern Virginian and Maryland areas, we are hosting a show that will represent local artists and provide local gourmet food. “Local Art, Local Eats” is both a welcome to those unfamiliar with this area’s bountiful contributions as well as a thankful tribute to those who make our community stand out from the rest.


With help from the neighboring restaurants, The Wharf and The Warehouse, this exhibition will be an all inclusive event promoting the distinct qualities of this region. The culinary mastery prepared by these two wonderful restaurants is incomparable to other restaurants across the region. Their delicious food can be smelled from down the cobblestone roads of Old Town Alexandria and draws in everyone under the sun!


Similar to Principle Gallery, both restaurants’ locations also hold historic significance to the Old Town area. Each building possesses architecture reminiscent of the Revolutionary era and is part of the historical district plan developed by Old Town Surveyor, George Gilpin. As one of the last historic towns still in tact, Old Town Alexandria is definitely a distinguished neighborhood that we are all proud to be a part of!

As for the exhibition, “Local Art, Local Eats” will feature artsits of all subjects, ranging from Jorge Alberto‘s paintings of trompe-l’oiel to Jeff Erickson‘s mixed media abstraction. This small group of artists were carefully selected to represent the show based upon their craftsmanship and pure talent – the best of the best! Other featured artists include: Ben Barker, Bethanne Kinsella Cople, Elizabeth Floyd, Gavin Glakas, Palden Hamilton, Glen Kessler, Robert Liberace, Teresa Oaxaca, Susan O’Neill, and Sara Linda Poly.

We are more than excited to share with you the great offerings of the area and welcome you to our community. “Local Art, Local Eats” is open on Friday, February 17th at 6:30PM and is free to the public. To receive more information regarding the show or Principle Gallery’s collection and artists, click this link!



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