New Works by Kevin Fitzgerald

With the new year quickly approaching, we are getting ready for our annual Kevin Fitzgerald Solo Exhibition in March! Having already received seven new paintings,  we are excited to see what Kevin has in store for the show.

For over 20 years, Kevin has held a solo exhibition at our gallery every year, each one successfully illuminating his expertise of landscape painting. The artist has specifically mastered the use of soothing, vibrant pastels to illustrate nature’s array of hues. As seen in “Ocean Sundown,” Kevin is able to perfectly depict how the colors are shared between the sky and sea – the pinks of the sky diffuse into the dark sea and shore, as the ocean’s blues are reflected back into the sky.

“Ocean Sundown,” 24×48, oil on canvas

The painted color scheme of the environment is intensified even more so when Kevin’s pieces are placed under lighting. As the lighting dims, the brighter, warmer colors placed against the darker tones are accentuated. The transformation of the scene speaks to Kevin’s exceptional understanding of the balance and interplay between colors. Truly a sight to see in person!

“Golden Pond,” 12×24, oil on canvas

Come see these magnificent paintings for yourself at Kevin‘s March exhibition. And if you would like to be notified when his new works arrive at the gallery, click this link here!

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