Studio Selfie Saturday: Aaron Westerberg


Happy Saturday!  Today’s Studio Selfie comes to us from California artist Aaron Westerberg. shown here between his two adorable pups. Aaron is an incredible artist who first showed with us at the May 2014 visiting artist invitational show called Tourist Season. He studied at the California Art Institute, then continued his studies with renowned painter Jeff Watts. Strongly inspired by nineteenth century masters such as John Singer Sargent, Aaron excels in figurative and still life paintings that sparkle with luminosity and elegant color and form. Click here to check out Aaron’s available work on our website!

10 Questions for the Artist: Aaron Westerberg

  1.   Fill in the blank: Painting is Visual Communication 
  2.   Cats/Dogs?  Both
  3.   Your first car: Datsun station wagon
  4.   Favorite painting music: little bit of everything, currently a lot of Chopin.
  5.   Your “spirit animal”: I have no idea
  6.   If you could time travel and witness an artist create their masterpiece, which work would you choose? The great pyramids
  7.   All time favorite movie: there are so many good movies maybe the “Princess Bride”
  8.   Place you’d love to travel to: somewhere tropical
  9.   Morning person or night owl? Night owl
  10.   If I weren’t an artist, I think I’d be: Not sure….

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