Studio Selfie Saturday: Colin Fraser

Colin Fraser square selfe

We hope you’re enjoying this new tradition of Studio Selfie Saturdays as much as we are! It’s a treat to see the creativity with which our artists give us a peek of themselves in their work environment and with which they answer the questions in our mini interview. Today’s selfie features the incredible Colin Fraser. The snapshot cleverly shows a peek of him in the midst of a set up for one of his paintings.

Originally from Scotland, Colin and his wife and children now reside in Sweden, where Colin pursues his passion of painting with egg tempera. Egg tempera paint consists of pigments mixed with an egg yolk, and was the most prevalent medium for painting for many centuries, until oil paints became widely popular. While many artists avoid using this type of paint (as it is so sheer and quick to dry, it is quite challenging to correct mistakes, achieve certain effects of texture, and to blend colors) Colin Fraser has come to prefer it. With egg tempera, he is able to achieve the awe-inspiring effects of light and brilliance that make his still-life compositions so extraordinary. His skillful application of colors and his ability to capture the luminosity of his subject has made Colin’s work a favorite for many gallery visitors. To see all his available work, check out Colin’s page here!

10 Questions for the Artist

1. Paint is egg-tempera
2. Cats/Dogs? Cats
3. Your first car: 1968 white VW beetle
4. Favorite painting music (Colin’s gotten clever and answered his favorite painting AND his favorie music!): Lady Agnew by Sargent/Music for a Dancer by Jackson Browne
5. Your “spirit animal”: Horse (palomino)6. If you could time travel and witness an artist create their masterpiece, which work would you choose? Vermeer’s “Milkmaid”
7. All-time favorite movie: The Searchers. Every scene is a painting!
8. Place you’d love to travel to: Alexandria! (Aww, Colin, we’d love that too!!!)
9. Morning person or night owl? Morning
10. If I weren’t an artist, I think I’d be a football (soccer!) manager.

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