Studio Selfie Saturday – Cindy Procious

Cindy Procious

This #StudioSelfieSaturday is brought to you by Cindy Procious! She seen here in her Tennessee studio with a painting for a two woman show coming up in November featuring Cindy and Mia Bergeron!

ALSO, be sure to come to the gallery on August 8th from 6-9pm see our third annual Face Off where Cindy will be painting LIVE in the gallery!

10 Questions for the Artist

  1. Paint is: colorful
  2. Cats/Dogs? Bothtenne
  3. Your first car: 70 Powder Blue Mercury Montego
  4. Favorite painting music: The Cars channel on Pandora
  5. Your “spirit animal”: Hamster
  6. If you could time travel and witness an artist create their masterpiece, which work would you choose?: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel
  7. All time favorite movie: The Wizard of Oz
  8. Place you’d love to travel to: A space colony on a different planet
  9. Morning person or night owl?: More like an afternoon person
  10. If I weren’t an artist, I think I’d be: dead

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