“Traveler” : GC Myers Exhibition Opens TONIGHT!


A talented painter (and a long-time cherished friend of Principle Gallery) with a unique style and a thoughtful and philosophical soul, GC Myers is back in Alexandria this weekend to join us for the opening of “Traveler,” his 15th solo exhibition at the gallery. “Traveler” is a gorgeous collection of works in a wide array of sizes, and we heartily encourage anyone who can to join the artist and the folks at Principle Gallery tonight for the opening reception, beginning at 6:30 PM!

Each of the 58 paintings in the show is unique and beautiful, but we thought we’d take a moment to share a fun fact about one of them: “The Ferryman,” a 9×5 acrylic painting included in this year’s GC Myers exhibition, happens to be the cover of a novel! Author William Thomas Simpson was seeking an image of a ferryman when he discovered Myers’ work, and contacted him to commission the book cover. You can click the image below to see the painting on the cover of “The Ferryman” on Amazon.com!

The Ferryman 72

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