New Talent: Linda Lee Nelson

This coming Friday, In addition to opening ’21 Nocturnes’ by Thomas Torak, we will also be introducing a great new artist to the gallery – Linda Lee Nelson.

Linda is from St. Paul, Minnesota and graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has worked in the creative market as an art director and account executive for firms specializing in marketing for public spaces. After several years of working for creative firms, and living in fascinating places like Paris, France, Linda decided to return to her roots as an artist.

She returned to painting full time in 2003. Finding her focus to be primarily portraiture and figurative pieces, Linda has found a delicate way to blend the two genres– creating fascinating pieces that are both a celebration of the individual and lovely for mass appeal.

Linda’s figurative works have been awarded by the ACOPAL, the Portrait Society of America, OPA, and BoldBrush.

Here is a preview of pieces on their way to the gallery:

Olympia by Linda Lee Nelson
Wassily Chair by Linda Lee Nelson

Art history buffs will appreciate Linda’s nod to Manet’s odalisque “Olympia”, and the familiar Bauhaus chair in these two paintings.  We were tickled pink when these images were sent to the gallery!  We can’t wait to see Linda’s paintings in person when they arrive later this week.

Please stop in to see this fabulously talented artist!

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