Two of the Greatest

Composition 133 by Jeremy Mann. 2012.

Jeremy Mann and Casey Baugh have been listed as two of the “25 Artists of Tomorrow” to watch by American Artist in their 75 Greatest Artists of All Time single issue.

Evening by Casey Baugh. 2012.

We are so proud and fortunate to represent these very talented artists.  We remain some of these guys’ biggest fans.

 Jeremy describes the honor as a “strange and humbling feeling” on his Facebook page.  He likened it to the excitement one might feel as a Freshman who has been asked to prom by an upperclassman in high school.  A very relatable and endearing feeling indeed!

 We will be hosting a solo show for Jeremy Mann Friday November 9th, titled “The Realness”.  Please come out to celebrate his wonderful work, and congratulate Jeremy on this prestigious role of “Artist of Tomorrow”.

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