Andreas Claussen: A Lonely Astronaut

Please join us in welcoming Andreas Claussen (b. 1988) to our artist roster! We are honored to be his first US gallery. Andreas is a multidisciplinary artist based in Germany who combines traditional drawing and painting skills with modern technologies like 3D rendering.

Apart from his graphic designer mother, the Claussen’s have largely engaged in life pursuits that have remained outside of the sphere of art. In fact, in Andreas’ early 20s, he expected that he’d become an attorney! Art, he recalls, was never really a significant part of his upbringing. Like most children who are fond of visually expressing themselves before school systems urge them to shift over into more ‘serious pursuits’, he certainly enjoyed creative activities but admits that his “art skills were good…never extraordinary.”

After painting seascapes for half a decade, he now works on a new series called FLOOD.

2021-07-13 Seascape 32 x 32, oil on canvas

The story behind FLOOD

In my painting series “FLOOD”, a lone astronaut roams a flooded earth, using all that he can find to stay alive. These paintings, steeped in symbolism, showcase humanities ability to adapt, and our innovative spirit, even in the face of Climate Change.

With bold colors, playful textures, and humorous ideas, I take off some weight from this somber topic and remind the viewer, that hope is not lost, and that a positive future awaits, if we have the courage to create it.

The “FLOOD” paintings are a great companion and commentator for the crazy times we live through right now. Like all great art, these works are wonderful tools to stay balanced in a world that often weighs so heavily on our shoulders and where constant change is quite normal.

Here We Go, I Have Water in my Shoes 63 x 79, oil on canvas

When I first saw Andreas’ work, a smile was brought to my face. I was immediately amused, but also extremely impressed by his creativity. I was transported into the universe he created and I was happy to be there. However, Andreas’ work goes beyond just his subject matter; his grasp of textures, colors, perspective, and detail is intoxicating. You’re welcomed by a clever astronaut, but you stay to take in all the technical elements. My favorite detail of the astronaut is his jumpsuit, the ribbing and skeletal quality is a subtle nod to the dystopian message behind the work.

Is Someone Out There 47 x 71, oil on canvas
Red Apple 35 x 47, oil on canvas

“I’m glad that I moved from subject to subject, experimenting, failing, winning, but not caring about consistency at all. I was a style chameleon for some time, but – in the process of my experimentation – I learned a ton about painting.”

Andreas Claussen, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine 2022
Red Skull 47 x 47, oil on canvas
2021-07-27 Seascape 47 x 47, oil on canvas

“Maybe my art is for people who like to think and talk about climate change. Some may even feel inspired to take action and feel optimistic that it will help, which would be a happy bonus – I would love to hear those stories.”

Andreas Claussen, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine 2022

Click here to view Andreas Claussen’s current inventory at Principle Gallery Alexandria.

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