Trish Coonrod: A Cornucopia of Color

Trish Coonrod’s Solo Exhibition is coming to a close, but we still have the available works on display. If you were unable to come see the show in person, we have a multitude of online viewing options.

Below is a preview of our virtual walk through created through Matterport. If you’d like to access the entire walk through, click here. We had over 25 new works included in this exhibit.

For each of our shows we take the time to create beautiful digital catalogues, featuring in situ photographs shot here in our gallery. The catalogues are hosted by Issuu, click here to view the Trish Coonrod catalogue or feel free to scroll through below.

You can also access all the images and more information about Trish by visiting our website here.

“I think of still life painting as a quiet, contemplative art form. It’s just me and the things I’ve found that pique my interest.”

Trish Coonrod
Glass Orbs 12×24, oil on aluminum panel
Mixed Gladioli 20×16, oil on aluminum panel
Jar of Gumballs 12×16, oil on aluminum panel

Trish Torkildsen Coonrod was born in Danvers, Massachusetts in 1966, and grew up with her 9 siblings. She has always loved to paint and draw, knowing from a young age that she would be an artist. Trish received her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. After graduating she was awarded a residency at the Cité Internationale Des Arts in Paris. The time spent in Paris allowed her to study directly from the paintings of the old masters, which greatly influence her work. Trish’s interest in traditional painting lead her to The New York Academy of Art, Graduate School of Figurative Art, where she received her MFA and graduated with honors. After graduating she took a position in Jeff Koons Studio where she worked as lead painter for eight years. There she had the opportunity to further hone her skills as a representational artist. Trish has been exhibiting her work for over 20 years and her work is in collections throughout the United States.

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