Lynn Boggess: Tactile Realism

Lynn Boggess’ solo exhibition is now open! We officially opened the show on Friday and it will be on display through Monday, May 9th. Over thirty brand new works are currently featured in the gallery.

We hope you can visit us in person to experience Lynn’s work first hand. If you can’t make it to us, the entire exhibit is available to view online. Click here to view the exhibition page, click here to view the catalogue, and click here to experience the virtual walk through.

“The most basic thing in art is nature. It is the source of all space, light, form, color, texture. It’s a very complex, dense fabric of different elements that you weave together to make a painting.”

Lynn Boggess
Lynn Boggess Live Demo at Principle Gallery, 2016

Fun Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that are often asked when it comes to Lynn Boggess’ work. One being, how long does it take for the paintings to dry?

A very great question, they can take a minimum six months and longer to dry. It all depends on the amount of paint applied to a single artwork. Some have multiple layers, but the amount of paint that protrudes from the canvas varies. The paint will dry in place, hardening from the outside in, but it won’t run or drip as it dries unless of course a painting is stored in an unforgiving temperature. Ultimately if it’s a new painting, don’t touch it because it is likely wet!

Clients also want to know if the works can be framed and the answer is, yes! The framing is simply limited to floater frame options since Lynn paints right up to the edge, which means an over frame isn’t a possibility. Lynn’s work is beautifully gallery wrapped, which means the canvas edges are pristine and install ready! It isn’t a necessity to frame a Lynn Boggess painting, but it is possible.

Gallery wrap side view

The floater frame (as shown below) is a more contemporary and minimal framing option, which is honestly what you want for one of these works because it won’t distract from the composition.

Visitors are also curious how we transport and ship Lynn’s work. It certainly isn’t your typically packing job, but it is safe! When the works come to the gallery Lynn creates wooden cleats/supports, which are drilled directly into the stretcher bars so the works can sit up straight without touching.

Image courtesy of @boggess_fine_art on Instagram

For shipping, it’s sort of the same concept of drilling directly into the stretcher bar, but the painting is simply screwed into the crate to avoid any shifting in transport. The perfect crate must be slightly larger than the painting itself and measure about 2-3 inches wider than the canvas to leave enough room for the face of the crate to sit without touching the painting surface.

If you’re interested in a more thorough description of the shipping process, click here to read our full blog post: How to Ship a Boggess Painting.

Please email any questions or inquiries to

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