Christine Lashley “Color and Light”

Christine Lashley’s solo exhibition Color and Light opens today at Principle Gallery Charleston! There will be an opening reception in the gallery from 5-8 pm this evening and Christine will be in attendance.

Charleston Near the Battery 8×16, oil on panel

“Thirty new paintings explore my love of layers and light-dazzle at my Principle Gallery Charleston Solo Show Color and Light. The nuance of white and the effect of light are at the core of this all-new body of work in oil and acrylic.”

Christine Lashley

About Christine Lashley

As a contemporary impressionist painter and lifelong nature enthusiast, Christine Lashley gathers most of her ideas by painting outdoors. The art she creates on location or in the studio is about the beauty of a moment held in memory. Her paintings often fuse reality and the abstract, using color and texture to look realistic from afar but dissolve into abstraction up close.

Christine has been involved in the arts all her life, with early years sketching outdoors and watching her mother and grandmother create sculpture. She spent several years in the high fashion world of Europe, and then worked in graphic design and creating murals. She began painting professionally with watercolors but moved to oils in 2009. Her work has won numerous awards, including Best of Show for both landscape and portrait work. Recent awards were the ARC Salon (Plein Air), Bold Brush Award (June 2020), Best Landscape at the 27th Oil Painters of America National Show, and Best of Show at Telluride Plein Air and Bath County Plein Air. Christine’s work has been featured in many articles, publications and media, including two art-instruction DVDs released by Liliedahl, and the cover of Plein Air Magazine.

With a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and prior study at the Sorbonne and Parsons in Paris; Christine continued her art education with workshops from prominent artists including Scott Christensen, with whom she is currently doing an online Beyond the Easel Webinar project (a series of interactive artistic conversations).

“This is acrylic treated like gouache with layers and a tight value plan due to the dry down shift of both media (wet vs dry) is at least one value difference.”

Christine Lashley, in reference to Camellia Vignette
Tidals Sands 36×60, oil on linen

“This was done as a long marathon day of wet in wet painting and then partially dry painting on semi wet art. I’m getting more comfortable with grabby sticky surfaces and what that feels like. No medium was used. Grasses got extra layers.”

Christine Lashley, in reference to Tidal Sands
Paris Sunset, Pont Neuf 24×36, oil on canvas

Click here for an online look at Christine Lashley’s solo exhibition, Color and Light; now showing at Principle Gallery Charleston!

125 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401

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