The Still Life: Jorge Alberto, Elizabeth Floyd & Larry Preston

The Still Life featuring the work of Jorge Alberto, Elizabeth Floyd, and Larry Preston is now open! This exhibition celebrates the still life, one of the most iconic painting genres. We currently have over 30 new paintings on display from all three artists.

Click here to view the entire exhibition and if you’re on a mobile device, view here.

A noteworthy element of the show is how each of these artists approach the genre. Their styles vary and honor the masters that came before them. The main takeaway from the show should be that there’s more than one way to create a still life composition!

About the Artists

Jorge Alberto González was born in Cuba in 1949 and emigrated to the United States
with his family in 1965. Jorge develops inspiration by surrounding himself with the items he is going to paint, therefore creating a connection important to his work. In his paintings, he likes to explore the narrative of light and composition in
contained spaces. Jorge gets inspiration from objects that have a history, past. He
looks for objects in antique shops, second-hand store and yard sales or sometimes
he’ll borrow things from friends.

“I find Trompe l’oeil still life painting very interesting and suitable for my way of seeing. Trompe l’oeil allows to be more creative in my approach to still life painting and the manipulation of space”

Jorge Alberto
Basket of Fruit (After Caravaggio) by Jorge Alberto, 25 x 30, oil on panel

Elizabeth Floyd began her career as an architect. Her true passion was always to be an artist, but her first foray into painting with oils, her current medium, wasn’t until 2006. In 2009, Elizabeth was successful in achieving her goal of transitioning to art full time. Following this transition, she pursued further artistic learning and started an intense focus on skill development. She began studying with numerous instructors, including
fellow Principle Gallery artist Robert Liberace. Floyd’s studies explored the three main genres of art: still life, figurative, and landscape.
Elizabeth loves painting the flowers she grows in her own garden. She works with oils in a colorist manner utilizing a full-color palette. She applies layers of color tints wet- in-wet in order to build up form, value, and color. Her work is highly rendered, but she allows brushwork to exhibit the textural effects that paint application can achieve.

First off, I love the still life genre of painting. Everyday life is my biggest inspiration. I love how I can share a snippet of my life with you through a still life painting. The painting can be large and grand or bite sized and intimate.

Everyday life is my biggest inspiration. 

The poetry and light found in the simple activities of life provides endless opportunities to express deep-felt impressions through my work.

Our lives are expressed in the little details, the common observations of routine and pattern.  I love celebrating daily life and the simple joys that occur when slowing down and noticing the world we live in.” – Elizabeth Floyd

A Walk in the Park by Elizabeth Floyd, 24 x 36, oil on panel

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1951, Larry Preston spent much of his teenage years at the Worcester Art Museum viewing the museum’s collection of Flemish still life paintings. At a young age, he began imitating their work and eventually arrived at the technique he uses today to paint his still lifes and landscapes. Completely self-taught his work evolved over many years.

He chooses to paint objects he sees around him. Simple, everyday objects that he finds beautiful and are often overlooked. A single flower or a piece of fruit celebrating the beauty surrounding us. Painting in oil on panel, Larry first sketches his work in charcoal and turpentine then applies many semi-transparent oil glazes. The resulting work has great depth and a luminous quality.

“In our home, my wife and I have surrounded ourselves with small, everyday items that we love. Those are the things I like to include in my work. I enjoy exploring the beauty I find in the common objects that surround me daily. The fruit, vegetable and flowers, often grown in our garden, that I include with these objects hopefully accentuate their beauty.”  

Larry Preston
Onions and Jars by Larry Preston, 14 x 24, oil on panel

The Still Life is available to view online here and please enjoy browsing through the above Issuu which includes framed in situ images. Please send any questions or inquiries via email to

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