Introducing Carlos Morago

Carlos Morago was born in Madrid, Spain in 1954 and lives there today. He grew up visiting the Prado Museum, an institution filled with European masterworks from the 12th-21st centuries; amid those walls his art enthusiasm and knowledge flourished.

“Beginning with the indisputable, unequalled Velázquez – who has been a reference point since childhood visits to the Prado Museum with my father, an art enthusiast – my development has led me to masters like Turner, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Hopper and the Spanish artist Antonio López. In each case, I have been drawn to their use of light, which is full of nuances while simultaneously avoiding strong contrasts.”

Carlos Morago
“Entrada al Jardín” 20×20, oil on wood

Carlos Morago’s paintings are characterized for the individual dialogue he establishes between his desire to accurately describe reality and his interest in light, which he portrays in an unusual way. He utilizes soft, cool, and satin colors conveying a sense of proximity, silence, and calm.

The artist takes countless photos and chooses the most evocative. He transforms an unexciting scene, which for most of us would be mere evidence of daily life, into something completely different. He turns it into a marvelous painting, powerfully lyrical, suffused with warmth and enigmatic atmospheres, almost metaphysical. Although he always works within the boundaries of his unique artistic language, each piece of artwork means a new research process for him.

“Ventana” 23.5×32, oil on wood

One of the artist’s favorite subjects are empty and bare spaces, which are serene, balanced and enveloped in a special atmosphere of light depicted by grey and ochre tones. Often these spaces open to panoramic views of cities. Other times they lead to other spaces only partially shown in the background like gardens and patios. There, a few plants, and the occasional red flower, admirably depicted, would bring the necessary contrast to create a good harmony of shapes and colors.

“I am looking for a creative lighting of an atmosphere that surrounds what us represented in a personal way. I base my work more on nuances than on contrasts, with which I express my own interiority, committed to the light that is the present.”

Carlos Morago
“Cama Azul” 23.5×39, oil on wood
Carlos Morago Solo Exhibition

Morago has been exhibiting his work almost entirely abroad since 1980, with a few group exhibitions in the United States. Principle Gallery is honored to host Carlos Morago’s First U.S. Solo Exhibition. The show opens TODAY and will feature over thirty of his latest works. The show will be on view from November 13th-December 1st. If you’re unable to see the exhibition in-person click here to view the Digital Catalogue. Click here to visit our website.

“Flores Blancas” 23.5×39, oil on wood

“We’re honored to host Carlos Morago’s first solo exhibition in the United States. His paintings are a refreshing blend of masterful, modern compositions and traditional realism. Morago’s impeccable draftsmanship is a solid foundation for his sensitive use of color and wonderfully clear light. Carlos creates tranquil, sublime scenes out of any subject from cityscapes and interiors to still lifes. The exhibition looks outstanding and is on display now. We hope to see you soon!”

Clint Mansell, Director, Principle Gallery
“Tejados al Atardecer” 27.5×27.5, oil on wood
Principle Gallery Exhibition Schedule
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