Opening Night and Live Painting Demonstration with Casey Childs

Evening Harvest 72
“Evening Harvest,” 32×42, oil on linen by Casey Childs – on view now

Casey Childs’ solo exhibition, Relics opened this past Friday, October 20th and the artist returned yesterday, October 21st to present a Live Painting Demonstration. Casey Childs is primarily a portrait painter, who captures facial features, gorgeous flowing hair, and the human figure exquisitely. He brought us a variety of pieces, which everyone was excited to see for the first time Friday evening. Casey and his wife, Amanda, were in attendance, they mingled with visitors, and discussed his creative process. Opening night was a great success and we’d like to thank everyone who attended!


On Saturday afternoon Casey returned to the gallery for a Live Painting Demonstration! Our friend Joni Douglass sat as the model for the artist.

Joni Douglass and Casey Childs

Casey directed Joni how to pose and once he had her perfectly positioned, he began painting. The artist painted in oil upon a 16×12 linen fabric to create his portrait of Joni. It was incredible watching his piece transform throughout the afternoon and we applaud Joni for sitting patiently for a little over 3 hours!


As the artist worked he answered questions from the audience, broke down his process, and described the materials he was using. As the demo progressed Casey had captured Joni’s facial features perfectly, then it was time to paint her sparkly jewelry and those polychromatic feathers! 

Those feathers were the final touch and then the piece was finito! Casey successfully expressed Joni’s beautiful features and unique accessories in the finished portrait.


We’d like to thank Casey Childs, Joni Douglass, and everyone who attended yesterday’s demo! We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

“Demo Portrait of Joni,” 16×12, oil on linen by Casey Childs

Come experience Casey Childs’ solo exhibition, Relics for yourself! The exhibition will be on view until November 15th! Stop in and see us!

Winter Wings 72
“Winter Wings,” 24×18, oil on linen by Casey Childs – on view now

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