Small Works and Bethanne Kinsella Cople

Following tradition, we held our annual Small Works exhibition this weekend alongside the Scottish Christmas Walk parade! We were happy to feature works from our usual artist roster, like Geoffrey Johnson and Robert Liberace, as well as display some pieces by visiting artists, such as those by Ski Holm. In addition to the opening of the show, we also had the pleasure of Bethanne Kinsella Cople paint for a live demonstration.


As a teacher and professional artist, Bethanne was more than able to communicate her process and techniques to the audience. She gave us insight into how she uses only one thin palette knife in combination with a wide range of brushes to create the masterpieces we display in the gallery. It soon became evident during the demonstration that her warming and thoughtful advice to visitors further encouraged them to pursue their artistic endeavors.


After four hours of work with brief interjections for commentary, Bethanne finished her painting, “Ever let the Fancy Roam.” As with all of her work, the artist titled the piece in tribute to a poem. For the live painting demonstration, Bethanne was inspired by the poem “Fancy” by John Keats.


“Ever let the Fancy Roam” is currently on display at the gallery and is available for purchase! For more details about the painting, the artist, or general inquiries, please feel free to contact the gallery!

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