Gavin Glakas Solo Exhibit & Demo Recap

This past Friday, we held our first solo exhibition for Gavin Glakas as well as  a live painting demonstration the next day! With at least one hundred guests at the reception, a great turnout would be an understatement. Familiar faces, like Senator Harry Reid and former CIA Director, George Tenet, were among those in attendance helping celebrate Gavin’s exhibition opening.

Principle Gallery artists, Jeff Erickson (left) and Gavin Glakas (right)

Gavin Glakas filled the gallery walls with realistic scenes from Washington, DC to New York City. He also displayed a few of his studies for some of the larger works like “The Champion Pub in Soho” and “Lights in an Alley off 5th Street.”

For the live painting demonstration on Saturday, Gavin painted a barn scene from his travels to Tuscany. He informed the audience of his particular paint color preferences, the process through which he achieves such realistic paintings, and the scenes that inspire him most.


To view all the works available by Gavin, including the paintings from his show, click this link! We also wanted to thank all of you who came to support Gavin at his opening and hope to see you again in the gallery!

Make sure to keep updated with our upcoming events and exhibitions, like our juried show “Root to Bloom: The Places Artists Call Home” on November 11th, by following our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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