The Case for Original Art


Okay, so this is one subject where we at Principle Gallery must be at least a bit biased– we LOVE original artwork! All of us here at the gallery find it so fulfilling to be around original art each and every day, and to interact with others to help find just the right art for their space. There’s nothing better than sending off a painting to the perfect new home! But if you ever wondered why it’s important and beneficial to own original artwork (as opposed to giclées/prints/poster reproductions), we figured we’d touch on that today!

Art is awesome

The first reason might seem like a throw-away, but it’s really the truth: art is good for you! Studies show that living around original art promotes better health and wellness overall. Just looking at art triggers a release of feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, lowers stress, encourages feelings of creativity and motivation, and studies have shown it can even improve your critical thinking skills and sharpen your mind! Art is a source of beauty, food for thought, inspiration, and a great conversation starter. If you’ve ever moved to a new living space and had to deal with blank white walls for a substantial length of time before hanging art and decorations, you can surely understand what a difference it makes!

Support the artist

Another great reason to acquire original art is to support the artist themselves. And artist generally can’t make it on the sales of a few prints alone; selling their original works plays a huge role in letting them continue to create art! In the gallery business, we frequently encounter folks who are rather surprised by the price of original art. “How much can paint and canvas really cost?” they ask.

The truth is that the price of an original artwork is about a lot more than covering overhead costs for the supplies. Artists spend their lives trying to perfect what they do. They get formal educations, private lessons, spend countless hours practicing, and years upon years developing their own personal artistic voice. They go through an emotional journey of building their self-confidence, facing rejection, and grasping the courage to follow their artistic instincts moving forward. And, while some artists seem to work awfully quickly, the truth is that you’re seeing years of practice and dedication in that artwork, even if the piece only took a day to create.

Buying original artwork shows your appreciation for the talent and dedication of the artist. Even if they make what they do look easy, it’s not. Purchasing an original piece of art is a thank you to the artist for their efforts, as well as for the years of enjoyment the piece will bring you.

Real Color Texture

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, Baby. It really doesn’t matter how high the quality of the print or how accurate the color representation, nothing beats the real thing. An original artwork has a soul all its own, a life infused into the piece with every brushstroke. The artist leaves their mark, literally and figuratively, on that artwork. No reproduction will ever really have the same vibrancy and presence. With an original artwork, you truly get the opportunity to see the real colors and textures as intended by the artist; if you want to know what a difference that really makes, come browse our original art here at the gallery and see for yourself!

It’s true: reproductions really can’t do justice to the real color and texture.

A final argument in favor of original art is the fact that its benefits will not only enrich the life of the owner, but also future generations. A piece of original artwork, in addition to the pleasure and enrichment it brings, is a savvy financial investment that increases in value over time in a way that posters and prints cannot. Many people who own original artwork that has been passed down come to feel as though the art is almost a part of the family. Give yourself the gift of original artwork in your life–it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

There are all types of people, spaces, and tastes out there, and all types of artists and artwork, as well. We at Principle Gallery would be thrilled to help you find just the right piece of original art for you!

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    On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 10:33 AM, Principle Gallery wrote:

    > Principle Gallery posted: ” Okay, so this is one subject where we at > Principle Gallery must be at least a bit biased– we LOVE original artwork! > All of us here at the gallery find it so fulfilling to be around original > art each and every day, and to interact with others to help ” >

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