Fooled by an April Artist

It might be too early to play an April Fool’s Day prank, but Jorge Alberto never ceases to fool us…that is, through trompe l’oeil!

His talents have recently been brought to the attention of International Artists magazine, recognizing his hyperrealistic, painted trickery. The article details his perfected technique when using the trompe l’oeil effect. This technique, meaning “trick of the eye” in French, is achieved through depth of planar space and extreme shadowing to depict realistic three-dimensionality of a scene or objects, as seen in Scriptorium.

Scriptorium 72
Jorge Alberto, Scriptorium, oil on panel, 17×29.5

Head over to our “Press” section of Principle Gallery’s website to see the full spread on Jorge Alberto! And if you want more information on this technique, check out our “Technique Tuesday” article listed on our blog.

So, don’t let Jorge Alberto’s work fool you when he and other artists feature their works at our April 15th show, “The Language of Objects: A Still Life Invitational” which highlights still life artworks in a range of styles. Other participating artists include: Elizabeth Floyd, Lisa Noonis, Anthony Waichulis, Gavin Glakas, Scott Conary, James Neil Hollingsworth, Trish Coonrod, Larry Preston, Michael Lynn Adams, and Marc Rubin.

ALBERTO Forget Me Not 72
Jorge Alberto, Forget Me Not, oil on panel, 10×8, ID# 10638

Visit our website for details on upcoming events, including the Lynn Boggess Solo Exhibition on February 19th and the Kevin Fitzgerald Solo Exhibition on March 18th!

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