Happy Holidays!

holidays together

Happy holidays from all of us at Principle Gallery! We hope the season so far has been peaceful and festive for everyone!

If you’re looking for any last-minute gift ideas, keep in mind that original art makes a fantastic and thoughtful gift! We currently have dozens of beautiful, brand new options to choose from, thanks to our Small Works 2015 Group Exhibition. Here’s just a sampling, but you can check out our website to take a look at the whole show!

Crab Apple Stem 72
Lisa Noonis, “Crabapple Stem”
COONROD 4 Raspberries, Pear, and Fig 72
Trish Coonrod, “4 Raspberries, Pear, and Fig”
Erickson 2 72
Jeff Erickson, “Orange & Yellow Fields”
Pansies by Elizabeth Floyd, oil on linen panel, 7x5 inches
Elizabeth Floyd, “Pansies 2”
Rainbow Row 72
GC Myers, “Rainbow Row”
Unafraid 72
GC Myers, “Unafraid”
CONARY Torch 72
Scott Conary, “Torch”

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