Teresa Oaxaca’s Live Painting Demo

If you happened to join us Friday evening in the gallery, or caught the live stream on the internet, you know just how incredible Teresa Oaxaca’s live painting demonstration turned out. We had a wonderful turnout, as well as a great number of folks watching on our live broadcast as Teresa completed a painting of local musician Michael Mattice in just four hours!

Early in the afternoon, we helped Teresa set up for her painting and adjust lighting, hanging some drapes to block out light from the front windows. By the time 5 PM arrived, people were arriving to watch the demonstration and an excited buzz filled the room. Michael and Teresa, who had never met in person before that evening, greeted one another and got right to work.

Photo credits: Clint Mansell
Photo credits: Clint Mansell

As the hours went by, the gallery became more and more packed and excited as we all watched Teresa work. In addition to all of those in the gallery, we were thrilled to see the climbing numbers of those viewing the live stream on the web! Before our eyes, the portrait began to take shape as Teresa would step back, consider her next brushstoke, and step forward again to continue bringing the painting alive bit by bit.

demo collage 2
The painting in progress. Photo credits left to right: Clint Mansell, James T. Miller, Clint Mansell, Clint Mansell.
demo collage 3
Nearly 3 hours in. Photo credits left to right: James T. Miller, Clint Mansell, James T. Miller.

After 4 exciting hours (and hardly any breaks at all!) Teresa finished her work. Michael, who had not looked at the work even once during the process, finally was able to see it. He was all smiles, and absolutely shocked and pleased by what Teresa had captured.

Photo credits left to right: Clint Mansell, Jim Miller.
Photo credits left to right: Clint Mansell, James T Miller.
The finished work
The finished work

We could not have been more pleased with the outcome of the evening. Thank you to all of those who came out to join us or who watched the broadcast online! We took video with a second camera, and hope to be able to share the edited video and a time-lapse version very soon. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for the footage! To view the entirety of the two-part live stream, click here.

For more photography by James T. Miller check out his website at: http://www.mananaimages.com.

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