An Interview with Kevin Fitzgerald

St. Martin Clouds HR

If you’ve had the opportunity to view the 2014 Kevin Fitzgerald Solo Exhibition either online or over the past couple of weeks at the gallery, you know what an amazing collection of works Kevin’s 16th annual solo show turned out to be. The light, color, depth, and simplistic beauty of these works made it a truly memorable and successful show. Kevin was kind enough to answer a few interview questions for us:

PG: Kevin, it’s your 16th annual solo exhibition with us! What has changed for you over these 16 years? Is there anything important you have learned?

KF: I will continue to work in attempting to reveal that which might be hidden in the landscape before us all. To translate somehow in paint the range of emotions one might feel when in contact with Nature is still what challenges and interests me. I am continuing to try to develop a simpler more direct and tactile approach that I hope at times can be seen in the newer work. I have learned that I will never quite reach this goal as it constantly recedes before me.

PG: What’s an average day like for you? Can you tell us a bit about your schedule and your studio?

KF: Routine is for me at this point a luxury which I am very thankful to repeat as often as possible. I have seven mile drive to the studio almost every morning with 2 traffic lights and no traffic. Fifteen minutes after leaving the house I am at work. The studio is a large, very old feed barn with skylights.  Once inside, I look around a bit and go from room to room and back again pacing and looking at the previous days, weeks, years of work trying to decide which one of them might need something done to it that I hadn’t thought of before. If nothing really calls out I might just start another one. If it is cold, I failed to mention I will first turn on the heat and also build a fire in the wood stove.
After about an hour I am usually standing at work before 2 or 3 paintings and working on them together so as to retain some freshness and spontaneity. A couple of hours later there will be lunch sometimes alone but more often with the other artists who work in the building. During that time we try to solve the world’s problems. Afternoon is more of the same with an occasional small outside painting. I leave work when the natural light fades, if not before.

PG: Have you been working on anything lately that might be new and different for you?

KF: I have been experimenting the past year or two with large scale monotype paintings but have not shown them yet. I am planning to do another series of etchings with Whistler in mind.

PG: What’s your favorite piece in this year’s exhibition?

KF: I could not pick out a single painting as a favorite; however, I was pleased to see the work displayed so well at the gallery. It is always a pleasant surprise to see the paintings so handsomely framed and placed to their best advantage at the Principle Gallery.

With the exceptions of some pieces which have already gone off to their new homes, much of the show is still hanging, and will be through April 18th. Come on by, or check for all our news and updates at our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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