Student Work: Rosie Revisited


Anne Callahan, 15-year-old artist and friend of the gallery, painted a new version of Rosie the Riveter as a modern update on the iconic image.  Anne’s homage to Rosie, complete with Army fatigues and a green bandana, celebrates modern women fighting the war effort and acknowledges how far women have come since WWII.  Callahan, a junior at Fontbonne Academy in Milton, MA, completed the painting as a class assignment before US military officials lifted restrictions that prevented women from serving in combat roles. In an interview with Boston Globe’s Robert Knox, Callahan said she is “happy and excited” about the decision to allow women to apply for combat positions. See the full Boston Globe article here.

The iconic image of Rosie the Riveter depicts Rosie in blue coveralls and a polka dot headscarf. Rosie the Riveter was introduced during World War II as part of a publicity campaign in response to wartime labor shortages. Women were encouraged to fill predominately male roles in the workforce while their men were away at war. Rosie the Riveter symbolizes the changing attitudes of the female role during the time period and shows women as capable supporters of the war effort.

We love Anne’s creativity in depicting a historical image.  Well done!

Take a look at other WWII posters of women (maybe Anne can do a whole series!):







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