Jorge Alberto: Behind the Paint

Staging of 'Once Upon a Time'
Staging of ‘Once Upon a Time’, Photograph

We always revel in getting to see any behind the scenes action from our artists, so when Jorge Alberto sent us these staging photos we just had to share them!  Jorge has always been an artist focused on senses.  He seeks to capture an audience through color, texture, smell, depth, and shadow and does so purely through paint and visual imagination.  That’s trompe l’oeil at its best.

‘Once Upon A Time’, Oil on Panel

Jorge spent several months in Italy during 2009 where he fell in love with these very real and familiar toys.  The Pinocchio he bought during a visit to Pinocchio Park.  Inaugurated in 1956 in Tuscany, Pinocchio Park is a magical place dedicated to art and exhibits inspired by children’s literature and the universal story of dear Pinocchio.  The rocking horse Jorge purchased from a famous traditional toy store in Florence and the well-worn tiddlywinks box game belonged to an Italian friend of his as a child.

Staging of 'A Child's Play'
Staging of ‘A Child’s Play’, Photograph

We hope you enjoy the behind the scenes look as much as we did!

‘A Child’s Play’, Oil on Panel

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