Welcome to the NEW Principle Gallery Blog!

Principle Gallery Old Town Alexandria
208 King Street  Alexandria, Virginia 22314


We’re excited to begin this new journey into the blogosphere to keep you updated on Principle Gallery’s happenings! We hope you’ll visit and join us in creating a dialogue among collectors, artists, art enthusiasts & educators.  We’d love for you to read, comment, and ask questions!

Exciting blog entries to come:

  • Gallery Staff Introductions
  • The history of 208 King Street
  • Insight from our artists
  • Explanation of artistic processes
  • Behind the scenes gallery action
  • The latest arrivals of artwork
  • And lots of surprises!

Visit our website to peruse our current inventory, information about our artists, our upcoming exhibitions, and our monthly newsletter.


Our best,

Michele, Ali, Clint & Meghan

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the NEW Principle Gallery Blog!

  1. Hurray! What a wonderful addition to an absolutely amazing gallery. Really looking forward to watching this develop.

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