Root to Bloom Opening Reception

After months of promotion, nearly a thousand submitted artworks, and tons of preparation, we finally held the opening reception for the juried exhibition “Root to Bloom: The Places Artists Call Home” last Friday evening. With over 70 artists included in the show, we were hoping that a few would be able to join us for the evening–and we received a huge and pleasant surprise! Over 40 of the included artists joined us to celebrate the show opening on Friday, and between the artists, their friends and family, and the gallery’s circle of collectors and friends, it was quite the bash!


Earlier that day, Meg Aiken was awarded the Social Media Choice Award for all of the votes on her painting, “Home Away from Home.” Friday evening, Victoria Kilcullen of Christie’s International Real Estate presented a Christie’s-sponsored award to Carl Ahlman for his landscape, titled “View.”


(left) Meg Aiken, “Home Away from Home”; (right) Carl Ahlman, “View”

Gallery director Clint Mansell then handed out the awards and cash prizes for the top three paintings in the show, which included Kerry Dunn’s “3w4e44455555eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” in first place, Corey Pitkin’s “Groundhog’s Day” in second place, and Christine Lashley’s “Yellow and Gold” winning third place.


(left) Kerry Dunn, “3w4e44455555eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”; (middle) Corey Pitkin, “Groundhog’s Day”; Christine Lashley, “Yellow and Gold”

Principle Gallery offers its sincere thanks to everyone who participated in this amazing exhibition, and to all those who attended the incredible reception on Friday. If you haven’t yet had a chance to see Root to Bloom in person yet, be sure to stop by! The exhibition will be hanging through the end of November. If you can’t come by in person, please enjoy the digital preview on our website here!

Principle Gallery staff with guest juror Teresa Oaxaca

Principle Gallery staff with guest juror Teresa Oaxaca


How to Hang Your Art: Part 1

So, you bought the painting. You framed the painting. But how do you hang the painting?

It can be pretty daunting to have this beautiful piece of art and then have no idea where to put the piece, how high to hang it, or even know what types of screws. So to help you out, we’ve put together the best tips to make your art look THE BEST.


Usually you buy a piece because you’ve already envisioned it hanging in your dining room right above the red cedar credenza. But in some cases, you may be torn between two perfect spots or may have bought the painting with no space in mind– which who could blame you? Here are some tips to help you decide the best spot and where to place it:

  • SITTING ROOM OR STANDING ROOM: Do your guests usually sit or stand in the room where you’re thinking of hanging your piece?
    • If a “standing” room, we suggest hanging the work at the standard 57-60″ from the floor.
    • If a “sitting” room, we suggest hanging the work a little lower to improve viewing from a seated position. This could be around 50″.
  • ABOVE FURNITUREDo you have a couch or table that pairs well with your painting right above it?
    • It is highly recommended to either hang one piece on the above wall that is 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the furniture below, or to have a collection of pieces that, in totality, fill the space of 1/2 to 2/3 of the furniture’s width below.
    • We also suggest hanging the piece or pieces 6″-8″ above your furniture.

Pinterest Couch PS


Now, we already mentioned the standards of height for your piece to hang, but let’s get a little more specific. WARNING: Math is involved.

  • WIRED BACKING: Principle Gallery, more often than not, has a picture wire attached to the back of the piece. When mounting the painting, keep this in mind for the artwork will hang lower on the hook once the wire is taut.
    • To accommodate for this height difference, pull the wire from the center up towards the top of the frame and measure the distance from the taut wire to the top of the frame. Keep this measurement handy because it will be used in the next step.
  • STANDARD HEIGHT: This is where things will get a little tricky and where more math is involved. The following steps are to help you hang your piece at standard height, which we are going to say is 60″.
    • MID-POINT: Find the mid-point of the painting’s height and add that number to 60″.
    • WIRE MEASUREMENT: Using the measurement of the mid-point and standard height, subtract your wire measurement. This is where the hook will be placed on the wall.
    • EXAMPLE: The distance from the picture wire to the frame is 4″, the mid-point of the painting’
    • s height is 20″, and the standard height is 60.”
      1. 60″ + 20″ = 80″
      2. 80″ – 4″ = 76″
      3. 76″ is where you will place the hook.
    • NEED HELP? You can always give the gallery a call if you need more instructions, but if not, check out this link that does all the math for you!
  • HEAVY PIECES: If the painting is pretty heavy, we suggest using two hooks that are 4″-5″ apart. Don’t worry, the calculations from earlier will still be the same even with the addition of another hook.