Gilbert Gorski: Pixelation & Pointillism

Welcome back to Principle Art Talk! Today, we’re going to revisit a topic/technique that we’ve touched on before: Pointillism! We’ve written two previous blogs about the technique itself and how it appeared in art history; click here to view those two posts. Pointillism is a neo-impressionist painting technique. Each composition consists of tiny dots of … More Gilbert Gorski: Pixelation & Pointillism

Technique Tuesdays: Pointillism

What is it? Pointillism is a painting technique that popped up in the late 1800’s as an off-shoot of Impressionism. Essentially, pointillism uses small, distinct dots or strokes of different colors in a pattern to form an image. This technique relies on the ability of the eye to blend the dots of color–it’s actually quite … More Technique Tuesdays: Pointillism

Gilbert Gorski: Into the Woods

Gilbert Gorski’s Solo Exhibition: Into the Woods is now open! We will be hosting an opening reception this evening from 6-8:30 pm and Gil Gorski will be in attendance. The exhibit consists of over 25 new pointillist landscapes. Gorski “encapsulates the tranquil atmosphere of the natural world through his acclaimed, labor-intensive approach to mark-making and … More Gilbert Gorski: Into the Woods

Technique Tuesday: Broken Color

What is it? The technique we’ll be looking at today is a fun one: broken color. This term refers to a technique where an artist will apply colors to a painting in small strokes, but does not blend them, so that they blend optically rather than literally. The effect of this technique a life and … More Technique Tuesday: Broken Color